Anyone facing professional or personal challenges, or seeking to improve the quality of their lives, can benefit from partnering with a skilled Coach. For example:

  • Executives who want to motivate their teams and improve their management and communication skills
  • Entrepreneurs developing or refining new business ideas
  • Individuals working toward realizing personal or professional dreams, such as running a marathon, writing a book, or starting a new business
  • Individuals considering a career change
  • Patients and survivors of cancer and other major illnesses
  • Individuals interested in exploring the Enneagram
  • People supporting loved ones with long term illnesses
  • Students looking to define their educational or professional direction
  • Anyone seeking to improve communication with family members, colleagues, employers, etc.

These represent just a few of the challenges and opportunities that might lead you to work with a Coach. Remember, a Coach is someone you can count on to be “in your corner.” A coach’s primary goal is to support you in seeing opportunities, finding solutions, taking actions, and creating accountability for yourself. A Coach never judges or criticizes, only champions!