I’m an ICF-certified coach and specialize in working with executives who want to improve their performance as managers, leaders and visionaries; individuals who want to make major career transitions; and women who have or have had cancer.  Volo means ‘to be willing’ or ‘to soar,’ and embodies my coaching philosophy and values – you must be willing to take chances and move beyond your comfort zone in order to find the success you really want.

I help people who want to make profound changes in their professional and personal lives and achieve greater success. I help people in critical areas from improving communications skills in the workplace to developing stronger, more effective relationships; and from evaluating new career opportunities and making career changes to finding a whole new life direction and purpose after experiencing major illness. With over 20 years of experience mentoring and coaching, I can help you make positive changes to create the career and life you deserve!

Professional Development
Managerial and Motivational Skills Development
Career Transition
Interpersonal Communications
Thriving Beyond Cancer


In addition to earning my coaching certification and credentials, I have a BA in Communications and an MBA in Management. I’ve been involved with coaching and mentoring in various forms since my undergraduate days at U.C. San Diego, where I ran the University’s internship program. I spent 15 years working with managers and executives in a wide variety of high tech companies, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations like Sun Microsystems, with an emphasis on the development of their strategic, communications and management skills. Following the crash of the dot.com economy, I recognized a growing need for one-on-one coaching and started Volo Coaching to support people reach their goals, both professional and personal.

Having lost both parents to long-term illness and survived cancer myself, I am particularly attuned to how major life events can create the opportunity for positive changes in life.

My goal is to support each client in

  • moving past their “comfortable discomfort” in order to reach their goals;
  • celebrating their unique talents, skills and abilities; and
  • creating the success they want in life.

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