I work with really smart, funny people who know they can do, and have, more in their lives and just need some strategic, impartial support, perspective, and accountability to help them make the shifts they need to create:

• greater influence at work
• better relationships
• increased work satisfaction
• more money
• more fun

My clients want to THRIVE and get the most out of life! I help these incredibly bright and talented people create prosperity by aligning their business and personal lives and values so that there’s more than enough money, time, and energy for what’s meaningful to them.

My clients include:

• Executives seeking to accelerate their own leadership development
• Leaders who want to take themselves, their teams, and their companies to the next level
• People who need to get their mojo (their personal power) back
• Individuals who want to improve their professional and personal relationships
• Anyone who wants to lead a full life and has an inkling that there’s more out there for them