“I’ve been a client of Joanne’s for the last few years. Through my work with Joanne I gained invaluable strategies and solutions that have aided me in both my personal and professional life that I use every day. What I really appreciate about Joanne’s approach is that she is not one to force you into a “one size fits all” methodology, but instead discovers who you are, how you think and communicate. By acknowledging the individual in us all and tailoring a program that fits you, I feel Joanne provides a coaching experience that is extremely productive and beneficial.”
—J.H., Sales Manager

“Joanne’s coaching style is genuine and professional. She supported me through some mountainous transitions in my career & life and she jumped on board with both feet. She gave 110% at our sessions and she was so committed to my success. She exceeded my expectations for the coaching relationship and I heartily recommend her.”
—J.F., Coach

“Joanne is an amazing coach, trainer and all around person. As a coach, Joanne is able to connect with her clients on a number of levels. She is able to meet the client where they are and create and hold a space for exploration and personal growth. I have seen Joanne work with a client who was skeptical of the coaching process, and in the end was thanking Joanne for not only improving her, the client’s, life but also that of her daughter. The client said, “coaching with Joanne saved my relationship with my daughter, who now not only wants to finish high school but continue on to college.”

As a trainer, Joanne connects with her audience and creatively adapts the material for them, even at a moment’s notice. She is able to create a successful learning experience where all ideas are valued and heard even in an unpredictable training environment with resistant participants.”
—M.W., Client Relations Manager, non-profit

“I have been working with Joanne and she has been supportive, encouraging and very positive, offering many insights to help me figure out just who the ‘new me’ after breast cancer can be!…The Life Coaching program, in particular, has been invaluable with its individualized professional support to help cope with the ‘what next – I’m so changed – and life is too precious to waste time figuring it all out on my own’ experience…Thanks again.”
— T.D., Breast Cancer Survivor and Entrepreneur

“THANK YOU!!! for helping to coach me during the interview process with my new company. Our work together set the stage and laid a good foundation for me and my new job.”— S. R., Inside Sales Rep

“It was great having the opportunity to work with Joanne.  She helped me get moving on my business by helping me break the process into small, doable steps that didn’t feel overwhelming.  Before I knew it, I wasup-and-running and my blog had taken off.  She also helped me understand that the feelings associated with having had breast cancer will continue to evolve over time, and that I can honor them and still move forward to create the life I want.”
— C.P., Breast Cancer Survivor and Professional Organizer and Designer

“Joanne was a pleasure to work with. Her insight and instincts made it easy to find solutions and move forward. She was always able to help others look at things differently to get things done when people/projects seemed stuck. She was very supportive and easy to work with, and her people skills allow her to work well with the full gamut of personalities. I would, without reservation, work with or hire Joanne in the future.”
— B.M., Realtor

“You know when you have things that are really eating at you, but you feel like they‘re too big to deal with? Or you feel like you can’t address them because it might let someone down, make life too complicated, would take too long, is too risky, or is just too scary to face? That, my dear reader, is what you’ll learn is called Monkey Mind! We all have things we’d ‘like’ to do to better our lives, but for some reason, prevent ourselves from doing them! Working with Joanne was the best thing I’ve done to help tame my Monkey Mind and realize what I needed to find happiness and satisfaction with a few areas in my life. She helped me identify my ultimate long-term goals and prioritize them so we knew where to start.

“There were so many reasons why reaching my goals were easily avoided. In fact, I didn’t even HAVE goals…I had gripes and pains I loved complaining about for which I didn’t see an ‘out’. First, we figured out what was causing them, and determined an ultimate situation that would turn those pains into happiness and excitement. Joanne helped me set very realistic, small goals that could easily be accomplished before we spoke again. She made sure I didn’t bite off more than I could chew before we worked together again. Accomplishing these little tasks each week got me closer and closer to my ultimate goal. However, if for some reason I didn’t complete the tasks, we looked at what happened in my life during that time period and she showed me that I needed to have compassion for myself.

“I could go on and on, oh wait…I already have…but you should know that after working with Joanne for a very short period of time, I now have a new job! What’s more is that I got myself prepared financially first in order to take the risk. I am also still accomplishing some of my little tasks that will help me reach happiness in other areas of my life. If you are feeling stuck or dissatisfied in any area of your life and you feel like it’s too hard to fix, I highly recommend giving Joanne a call. It could seriously change your life!!!
– E.M., Executive

“Volo Coaching says ‘being willing to soar’; in my case I needed coaching to be ‘willing to land’. Joanne helped me cross over the threshold from a 30-year flying career to self-employment, freedom, and joy. Learning what my Monkey Mind was telling me and what is really true opened me up to discover the wonderful world of clear thinking. She helped me discover I have choices [and] to face my fears by [taking] baby steps, enabling me to leave the ‘comfortable discomfort.’ After our first session I was able to put in my retirement papers, give away all my trips, and make a smooth landing. I feel like I hit the ground running and have never looked back. Thank you, Joanne, with all of my heart, for all the kind encouragement and tools to help me every day.”
— J.A.H., Real Estate Agent

“I started working with Joanne at a crossroads in my career. Working together I’m able to look at my life in a new way, which I really welcome. She helps me think about things from a different perspective and see how things like my ‘either/or’ thinking have been limiting me. I’m seeing possibilities that I may never have considered before.
— D.S., Consultant

“I worked with Joanne for several years in the corporate arena, and found her very helpful in enabling me to better define what it was I was trying to accomplish. As a product manager, it is important to communicate information about my products in a way that really works for different audiences, and Joanne partnered with me to do just that.”
– S.G., Senior Product Marketing Manager