Often we find ourselves in a “comfortable discomfort” in which we experience a level of dissatisfaction that we mistakenly believe is safer or more comfortable than the alternatives because it is familiar. However, it is when we feel the most uncomfortable and open ourselves to looking at things in different ways that we are poised to accomplish the biggest things in our lives. This is the time to work with a Coach who can help you understand that the key to your success is to be willing to Look, See and Tell the Truth about your life, and help you develop a productive, measurable and authentic action plan to achieve your goals.

What are some of the things people might see a Coach about?

  • Identifying and achieving your life’s dreams and goals
  • Overcoming obstacles (external and self-imposed)
  • Living a more balanced life
  • Managing conflict
  • Surviving a family crisis
  • Improving relationships
  • Becoming more effective in all areas of your life
  • Meeting the challenges of long-term illness
  • Developing action plans for success
  • Changing careers (or taking on a new role)
  • Motivating others
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Thriving with ADD/ADHD

These represent just a few of the challenges and opportunities that might lead you to work with a Coach. Remember, a Coach is someone you can count on to be “in your corner.” A coach’s primary goal is to support you in seeing opportunities, finding solutions, taking actions, and creating accountability for yourself. A Coach never judges or criticizes, only champions!