Coaching is a partnership between you and a Coach designed to help you reach your goals by taking them from the metaphysical or abstract world (ideas) to physical reality (action). Coaching works differently for everyone because it is based on individual goals, needs and style. You set the agenda based on what you want to accomplish, and it is your commitment that determines the results. You hold the key to your success; a Coach helps you to see what that is through a series of discussions, questions and exercises designed to help you clarify your intentions and see new possibilities.

Successful coaching depends on trust and open communication; it requires the honest, comprehensive exploration of real and perceived experiences, issues, frustrations, roadblocks, accomplishments, anxieties, and self-doubts. It can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Coaching is about examining what is and what is not working for you; dismantling thoughts and beliefs that are not serving you; determining what changes you can make that WILL work for you; and designing action plans to move forward. Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling; however, it can be an excellent compliment to therapy. When you commit fully to your coaching experience, coaching can be a critical factor in your success!

Since every client is different, we will create a program to meet your specific needs. Successful coaching is built on partnership, and most clients find that they get the greatest benefit from working on a project basis lasting from three to nine months. These programs provide regular coaching sessions as well as unlimited access to your coach, and empowers clients to make the commitment needed to achieve the progress they want. However, for smaller coaching scenarios, you and your Coach may determine that hourly coaching will best suit your needs (note: hourly coaching contracts require a minimum of six sessions and are charged at a higher rate). Individual sessions are generally conducted by telephone following an initial meeting; corporate sessions may be conducted on-site and/or by telephone.